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BBA The Chase: Elikem in trouble as Feza and Fatima join Rubies
From: Bigbrotherafrica.com          Published On: June 14, 2013, 14:00 GMT
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BBA The Chase: Elikem in trouble as Feza and Fatima join Rubies

Feza, Neyll, Fatima and Maria

Four more Housemates are set to swap Houses this week.

Maria and Neyll are set to bid their Ruby Housemates adieu this evening following a swap done by current Ruby Head of House, Selly.

The Ghanaian effected the swap after the Rubies won the Arena Task this afternoon.

Maria will be separated from Angelo, who has in recent days confessed that he really likes her.

The petite Namibian is set to start a new life with Housemates she barely even knows. Neyll on the other hand is set to be reunited with his old friends in the Diamond House.

The Angolan started the Chase as a Diamonds Housemate and was swapped last week. Diamond Housemate Feza, is also packing up her things and moving to the Ruby House.

The sexy Tanzanian is all set for a dramatic reunion with Oneal, who has been pining for her the past couple of weeks.

The two have built up a sexy rapport, despite living in two different Houses. Feza is set to reunite with Elikem also and it remains to be seen how the Ghanaian heartthrob will handle three of his women being in one House.

Fatima, who he shared a bed with, is also joining him in the Ruby House. It is safe to say the next couple of days are set to be more than dramatic.

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