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Actress Vivian Achor blames producers for her movie blackout
From: Ghana|Hitz FM| Doreen Avio          Published On: May 14, 2013, 13:30 GMT
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Actress Vivian Achor blames producers for her movie blackout

Vivian Achor

Ghanaian actress Vivian Achor is blaming producers and marketers for her long absence on the movie screens.

Speaking to Hitz Entertainment News on her long absence she said the marketers and producers would rather prefer young girls who are ready to show parts of their bodies in movie productions to matured and experienced actors.

“Well it’s unfortunate. I won’t say it’s my fault because I m always ready but producers and marketers prefer the little girls who will show their assets and boobs which I as a mother cannot do”.

She noted that it is unfortunate that the movies released lately centralizes around the young actors who are ready to do anything, adding that the marketers say they make a lot of money when the young actors are used.

She went on to say that as a professional actress and a role model, she would always want to do the right thing because she is out there to educate the public.

Vivian stressed that the act is very sad and does not speak well of the Ghanaian movie industry.
The tentacles actress says it is her wish that producers will use experienced actors rather than wannabe actors. She said “It is so sad and it is my wish that producers will desist from movies like that”.

She revealed that whilst on holiday in the United States, she was happy when some producers disclosed to her that they will not purchase Ghanaian movies because of its nude contents.

She says even though they are still shooting movies of that kind, she believes that if God intervenes, producers will start shooting good movies.

Vivian Achor has featured in countless number of movies including TV series but she however said fans should watch out for her in upcoming movies and the season two of the hit TV series Tentacles soon.

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