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Actress produces Nigeria’s first hard core porn movie, receives flaks
From: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)          Published On: May 7, 2013, 10:00 GMT
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Judith Opara Mazagwu popularly known as AfroCandy

Nollywood actress Judith Opara Mazagwu popularly known as AfroCandy has incurred the wrath of some Nigerians and her fans across the world, for producing a hard core porn movie.

Nigerians went nuts when the trailer of the movie, Destructive Instinct 3 & 4 hit the internet and the actress, who is also a musician, based in the US has known no peace since the release.

The explicit trailer of the movie shows the actress and other ladies showing off their God given assets in the full glare of the cameras while men have a go at them.

There are very real sex scenes in the movie and some of the men can be seen slapping some of the ladies’ big fat asses and also joyously squeezing their well sized and shaped boobs.

AfroCandy, known for her explicit lifestyle, posted a link of the trailer on facebook and added the comment: “No time for Haters and no shame in my game. I do what I do, don't need your stupid opinion cos it doesn't count at the end of the day. So you either get with it or get lost, or better still, stick your foot in your mouth. AfroCandy doesn't give a crap.”

A scene from the movie

A fan who was not enthused about the scenes in the movies commented: “Arrant nonsense” while another also said: “It looks a hot mess. Just being honest and not even referring to all your nakedness. Not one person delivered any of their words convincingly. It was like you were all there for a day out.”

A religious fan urged the actress to go for deliverance: “God is coming soon go for your deliverance God will renew you...The truth is bitter.”

Interestingly not everyone was against the movie. Some fans were ecstatic about the movie.

A delighted fan said: “Hottie! keep ur game real! haters will kip hating! Thug-on gurl!!!” while another said: “Flaming hot.” A third fan also said “Haters never give gud reason, so they better go to hell.”

This is a link to the trailer of the movie - Destructive Instinct 3 & 4 - and please be warned it is for 18 years and above!

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