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Time is life, not money; an outstanding story of how Ellenís L'AINE flew without wings
From: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Nathan Gadugah          Published On: March 15, 2013, 13:12 GMT
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Time is life, not money; an outstanding story of how Ellenís L'AINE flew without wings

Mrs Ellen Hagan

ďI am a living proof that women can have the best of both worlds,Ē - an outstanding world of career success and a blissful marriage. That is the doctrine of Mrs Ellen Maama Hagan, CEO of L'AINE Services, current Marketing Woman of the Year and possibly Vliscoís Woman of the Year if voted for later this month.

The multiple award winning CEO is saddened by the growing trend where women either have to be widowed, divorced or single before they can take up high responsibilities.

In a thoroughly insightful interview on Bola Rayís Personality Profile on Joy FMís Drive Time Programme, Ellen Hagan said the era of miserable marriage but an outstanding career by women ought to give way to a memorable marriage and an awesome career. It must however start with women having a mentality of positive self worth, she added.

Married for 27 long years with four adorable children, Ellen took listeners through a stunning revelation of the life behind the career; the wife behind the husband; the story behind Laine services and her favorite music -Flying Without Wings.

Ellen rose to the highest managerial level of an international organisation, Societe Generale, but the topmost position in that organisation was only reserved for expatriates.

L'AINE, became a dream; she lived it. From a high flying career, Ellen resigned and started her dream which has now become one of the best HR service providers in Africa.

Contrary to the popular adage- time is money- For Ellen, time is no longer money but an opportunity to make life meaningful for herself, the family and humanity. And what better to show that, than to have her husband join her in the studios of Joy FM during the riveting hour long interview?

Listen to the full interview of the L'AINE story and colossus behind it.

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