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Where were the security services when Chris Brown puffed wee on stage?
From: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)          Published On: March 7, 2013, 9:34 GMT
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Where were the security services when Chris Brown puffed wee on stage?

Chris Brown

American music star Chris Brown may have thrilled Ghanaians in what has been tagged the best performance by any foreign artiste but what is making the headlines is his violation of Ghana's narcotics laws by smoking marijuana on stage.

Half way through his impressive 90 minutes performance, which saw him use excessive vulgar language, at the Hope City Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium Tuesday night, Chris Brown quizzed the over a thousand crowd, “How many of y’all smoked wee?”

That question drew wild cheers from an already hyper crowd who were enjoying every stunt the Grammy Award winning musician pulled on stage.

After that question, the singer stated: “If anybody tripping on ya’ll smoking wee, f**k them.”

"Sh*t, I got my blunt right here” he added and pulled out a neatly rolled stick of marijuana, popularly called wee.

His own voice recorded earlier called out, “Chris, Chris.” Chris Brown agitated, asked, “Who the f**k is that?” The voice again said: “Wake up, what’s wrong with you?” Then he replied “What’s wrong with me, I am trying to get high.”

The voice concluded: “Don’t do what I think [you going to do]. Don’t do it, it makes you crazy” by this time, the 24-year-old singer, born Christopher Maurice had lit the joint and drew in a large volume of smoke while a ‘mix tape’ of ‘wee songs’ played in the background.

This excited the crowd, amongst them, minors who watched whilst he puffed his wee around the stage.

Probably goaded by his action, some patrons boldly pulled out their blunts and also started to smoke. The smell of marijuana and cigarettes filled the air.

Marijuana smoking is illegal in Ghana and offenders are liable to a prison term of not less than 10 years.

There were hundreds of security personnel detailed to provide security and also ensure law and order at the venue of the event but none raised an eyebrow whilst the law was being violated.

Some readers of Myjoyonline.com expressed disappointment that the country’s security personnel watched whilst the law was being broken.

A commenter by name AJ said: “That show was an insult to everyone who has ever been arrested for smoking marijuana in Ghana. [He] may be off Ghanaian shores, but surely, his aides and abettors are still here. The nation's reaction will be a key reflection of our national sensibility and, and of the value we place on our ageless motto: Freedom and Justice. Happy independence day.”

Another by name, Akandawen also said: “this lad who should be charged [for] breaking our laws smoking wee … is it because he is Chris Brown? eiiih Chris is not equal before the law right? I can't believe what I am reading Disgusting to say the least.”

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