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I would love to be a Crime Scene Investigator - Kim Kardashian reveals
From: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu (@delaXdela)          Published On: February 28, 2013, 21:30 GMT
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I would love to be a Crime Scene Investigator - Kim Kardashian reveals

Kim Kardashian

Had it not been fame and the constant media attention, Kanye West’s baby mama, Kim Kardashian would have loved to be a Crime Scene Investigator.

Born, Kimberly Noel Kardashian, she has warmed her way into the hearts of millions of avid fans who seem not to get enough of her.

Aside her relationship to hiphop star Kanye West, Kim is a successful businesswoman, an actress and a model.

In 2007, she and her family rose to prominence with their smash hit reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They followed that success with Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

Kim was the highest-earning reality star in 2010, with an estimated earnings of US$6 million.

Interestingly, Kanye West’s fiancé would have loved to investigate and solve crimes than the current paparazzi lights that bombards her every move!

Speaking in an interview with Eku Edewor during her recent trip to Nigeria, sexy Kim revealed that, “If I wasn’t doing what I am doing now; I would love to be like a Crime Scene Investigator.”

She added that, “I love forensics and I love law too. I am fascinated by just a lot of Crime Scene Investigation.”

Kim Kardashian might not have found herself solving crimes but she believes that everyone can aspire to achieve what they want to achieve.

She advised the youth to “never get discouraged and plan on what your goals are and never stop even if you kind of get stopped down the way. If you really are focused, you will get there.”

The reality TV star and Future Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award winner is making an appearance in Tyler Perry’s latest movie, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

Touching on the movie, Kim said the experience was an amazing one. According to her, working with Tyler Perry “was such a dream come true.”

She believes that people will love the movie because it is “scandalous” and “intense” making it one of Tyler’s best movies yet.

Asked what she hopes to be remembered for, Kim Kardashian said while her current life is fun and great, she “wants to be known as someone who is a kind person, kind to everyone.”

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