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Hotline documentary: Kpando Borborbor, full audio
From: Ghana/Joy News/Manasseh Azure Awuni          Published On: January 10, 2013, 9:00 GMT
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Hotline documentary: Kpando Borborbor, full audio
Good music, they say, has no language barriers. But in reality traditional African music and dances hardly travel beyond their ethnic groups. But borborbor music is different.

The music, which originates from the Volta Region, is performed in all parts of Ghana and is enjoyed because of its danceable rhythm. But very little is known of this music.

In the following report for Hotline Manasseh Azure Awuni traces the origins of the Borborbor music, its influence.

He also highlights challenges facing borborbor musicians and suggests ways of making the music more relevant to society than its entertainment value. This is the untold story of Kpando Borborbor.

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