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New gospel single, 'Osa aye Yie' out with a bang
From: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com| Nathan Gadugah          Published On: December 28, 2012, 13:30 GMT
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New gospel single, 'Osa aye Yie' out with a bang

Marian Arthur

December 25 the world over is a unique day in the life of Christians. Unto us a son is given by a father who deserves all the praise and admiration.

In that bid, a new gospel single Osa aye Yie has been released to encapsulate the essence of praise to a maker whose love to mankind is bountiful and never ceases.

Sang by a new and young artiste Marian Arthur, the track takes gospel lovers into an enthralling experience of praises and worship to the Lord.

“God is the beginning and end of everything and therefore He deserves to be praised at all times. You only have to praise and worship Him in order to get what you want,” she told Myjoyonline.com in an interview.

A teacher by profession but with an outstandingly rich voice, Arthur decided to go into music in order to make good use of the gift God has given her.

“I have a gift and when you have a gift and you don’t use it God will ask me one day why he gave me the gift and I didn’t use it.

“Another way is to use it to bless my maker and to help those who are down,” she said.

Osa aye Yie is Arthur’s maiden song, a single and a prelude to an upcoming album which will be released early 2013.

Well crafted, rhythmic, soul inspiring and beautifully sang, Osa ya Yie is out for the listening pleasure of all.

Marian Arthur dismissed assertion she is into music to make money.

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